Just how fast is Red Hat JBoss Middleware?

I would like to introduce you to our new Red Hat JBoss Rock Star.

His name is Radical Rich and he will stop short of nothing to bring the message home to you how awesome and fast the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) is.

Without further delay, we bring you Radical Rich!

About Eric D. Schabell

Eric D. Schabell is the JBoss technology evangelist for Integration and BPM products at Red Hat. He is responsible for various outbound technical aspects of promoting JBoss Enterprise Middleware integration products and services. He has been working within software development since 1998 for many different enterprises. He helps out in the JBoss jBPM project focusing as lead on the jBPM Migration project. He has authored the e-book 'OpenShift Primer - get your code into the Cloud' as found on Amazon, iTunes, etc. Follow this blog at http://www.schabell.org.

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3 Comments on “Just how fast is Red Hat JBoss Middleware?”

  1. Greg Hermo Says:

    Neat job, radical Rich. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lincoln Baxter, III Says:

    Lol, nice one Rich :)


  3. Rakesh Gt (Bob Gt) Says:

    Wow Rich that was super awesome man! you are such a glider! Yeah, I clocked and compared the speed, Red Hat EAP is faster than your jaw-dropping drop! lol! :-)


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